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Arctic Fortune: For Those Who Like the Cold

Do you like the cold? I don't mean a slight chill where you feel the need to pull on a sweater. I'm talking about those who like nothing more than to look out the window and see a foot or more of snow piling up. I'm talking about the type of person who plans their vacations to be as far from the tropics as geographically possible. If this describes you, then there is a new online slots game just for you. Arctic Fortune is one of the best slot machines for those fascinated by places where it gets really cold.

Arctic Fortune: No Heat and No Pay Lines

Arctic Fortune is an online slots game with a twist. This is not one of those online slots games that has a single pay line. It is not a game with three, five, or even seven pay lines. In Arctic Fortune, there is no separate pay line. You win depending on what symbols appear anywhere on the screen. That means that every spin gives you a great big shot at winning some hot cash ; even in a cold themed game. Basically, the game gives you 1,024 ways to win. You win even more by landing multipliers, free spins, and an amazing bonus round! How many slot machines; even in the world of online slots- have no pay lines!

The Icy Symbols of Arctic Fortune

When you play Arctic Fortune; the cold online slots game; you are transported to a winter wonderland where the theme of the extreme North pervades. You have winter warriors, fierce wolves, icy landscapes, Viking drinking horns, and huge overflowing treasure chests. While all of the symbols are cool; get it? - The one you really want is the treasure map; Three, four, of five of these anywhere on the reels triggers the ice world bonus round. During this bonus round, you have the chance to win up to 40 free spins. The free spins come with a bonus multiplier that can be as high as 6!

The Arctic Fortune Shield

When reels 2 and 4 show the Arctic Fortune Shield, you winnings are instantly multiplied many times over. That is real, cold cash that you can use for anything you want; even to turn up the heat and play some more. Arctic Fortune is the perfect game to play when you are inside looking out the window at the latest storm and dreaming you are out there on the Tundra mushing away with a team of sled dogs at your beck and call.