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Ariana Online Slots

You'll thrill to the Ariana Online Slots in which you enter a fascinating world of undersea creatures and submerged activity. The Canadian slots casino welcomes you to the enthralling Ariana slots online in which you earn real money payouts for every completed combination that you achieve across the slot machine reels.

Ariana online slots follows the mermaid Ariana as she swims through her home under the ocean and encounters creatures of the deep.  The Ariana slot machine is available for real money gaming on your laptop or desktop PC at the Download Casino, on any public computer terminal at the Flash casino or on mobile at the mobile casino. Sign in on your preferred device and play at your leisure.


Mermaids and mermen have been part of the folklore of numerous cultures for thousands of years. Some of these cultures, including the Babylonians, Hindus and Greeks even integrated mermaid mythology into their religious beliefs. Mermaids were regarded with awe, respect and even fear – for some seafaring peoples, mermaids caused sailors' deaths, but in other societies, mermaids were responsible for saving sailors from a wide range of looming disasters.

Some mermaids achieved fame. Hans Christian Anderson wrote about a mermaid who gave up her life underwater in order to follow her lover onto land – this book inspired Disney's Little Mermaid series which has been seen by millions. In Greek mythology, the poet Homer describes the Sirens who lured sailors to their deaths at sea. Howard Pyle, the famous American painter, left a painting of a mermaid as one of his best-known pieces of art while actresses such as Annette Kellerman and Esther Williams turned Hollywood's eye towards mermaids in the early years of the 20th century with their portrayals of these lovely half-woman / half-fish creatures.

One of the best-known mermaids is Ariana, an ethereal image on the online slot machine who leads her underwater friends through spins and special effects while she accompanies players as they complete paylines and earn cash prizes.  

Ariana Slots

In the Ariana slots Ariana takes center stage on the reels. She is joined by other underwater creatures including starfish, coral reefs, sea dragons, brightly-coloured fis, and traditional pokies number and letter symbols. Ariana is a 250 coin slots which provides competitors with the chance to vie for big wins. As the reels spin Ariana and her maritime friends line up on the paylines to enable you to complete the maximum number of wins.

Special Symbols

Ariana online slots features two special symbols  – the Wild symbol and the Scatter symbol.

Paylines are completed whenever three matching symbols line up on an enabled payline. However, if your spin results in the inclusion of an Ariana Logo symbol, the game's Wild, it will substitute for any other symbol and facilitate the completion of the payline. Three matching wilds on an enabled payline signals a Wild combination – if you achieve such a combination you'll receive the generous Wild combination payout.  

If two scatter Starfish symbols appear in any pattern on the reels (not necessarily on an enabled payline and not necessarily on concurrent reels) they will form a scatter combination which indicates a scatter payout. Scatter payouts are calculated by multiplying the scatter payout value by the bet that the gamer deposited in the regular game.

Free Spins

Whenever three or more scatters display, in any position on the reels during a spin, they trigger the Free Spins game. During the Free Spins round you receive 15 free spins. If the Ariana Logo and an Ariana image appear together on the 1st reel during the free spins they will create a symbol stack. All matching symbols expand on the second and fifth reels to complete more winning combinations. Following the payout these expanded symbols morph into Wilds and substitute for other symbols, creating new completed combinations. If a free spin results in three scatter symbols the Free Spins round it retriggers. The new free spins are added to the existing free spins which provides you with even more free spins.

Wild Symbol Stack

Symbol stacks activate whenever the Ariana Logo, the coral, the sea dragon, the Ariana symbol or the treasure chest symbol appear on the first reel.

One winning real money combination occurs on each payline during the Symbol Stack feature.

Free Slots Canada

There are several options available which allow you to play free slots Canada when you enter the casino to play Ariana or any other slot machine.

If you're a new gamer you can apply your Welcome Bonus to your Ariana slots and use your Welcome Bonus gaming points for your slots event. The Welcome Bonus awards you match bonus gaming points on your initial deposits during your first week of gambling entertainment so you actually enjoy free gambling entertainment on your first week's casino activities.

Following the Welcome Week you'll be earning Loyalty Points that provide you with special credits which you earn on every gambling activity that you experience at the casino. There are tiers on the Loyalty Point ladder and you can select your Loyalty Point prizes from the list of give-aways offered, based on the number of points that you earned. If you are on the lower rung of the ladder with fewer earned Loyalty Points you can redeem your points for simple gifts such as cashback deals and higher deposit and withdrawal limits on your games. As you move up the ladder you'll be eligible to redeem your points for increasingly more valuable gifts such as vacation packages and other types of expensive presents.

You can always play Ariana for free in the Free Mode. Playing any game in the Free Mode is recommended because it gives you a chance to learn the game's levels and rules without the pressure of feeling that you need to compensate for your real money deposit. Once you feel that you know the game well, you can move over to play for real cash prizes in the Real mode.

For an action-filled game of fun and excitement, play Ariana online slots at the Canadian online casino.