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Aloha Dreams

You have been waiting for this for a long time. At your arrival in Hawaii there are four Hawaiians playing ukuleles. They are singing… Lucky You that you come to play Big Kahuna Mobile Slots. There your hostess greets you. A lovely Hawaiian woman dressed in a muumuu, long flowered Hawaiian dress places a fragrant lei, garland around your neck. She has a beautiful flower above her left ear. This signifies she is married as it is on the left representing the side of the heart. You are practically intoxicated with the smell of the flowers. After you arrive in the Hawaiian Islands, you board the wiki wiki bus. As you pinch yourself to make sure you are really here, you stop and have a refreshing tropical drink. You are eager to play Big Kahuna Mobile Slots. Next Stop: Kahuna Village.

You have entered on an adventure into a wild tropical jungle, where the tribal legends of the ancients take place in full effect. With this new Big Kahuna mobile casino game you will get familiar with all the prominence expected from the chieftain, as you up the levels to become the big kahuna. You took hula dancing at your local community center. But you had no idea it was going to be like this. Now you are playing for real. Big Kahuna mobile casino game is Oia'i'o, authentic. Even though you are wearing your aloha shirt and have your flip flops on, you never had any idea it would be like this.

Located in a extensive tropical jungle, reminiscent of an island in Hawaii, Big Kahuna Mobile Slots takes you right to the heart of the tribe, where being the big kahuna means you need to solve the mysteries of the game, as you play to win.  This new mobile casino slots is very lua 'ole, unique.

Mobile Slots Casinos

One of the first Microgaming titles up for mobile release in early 2015 was Big Kahuna. It is a 5-reel, nine-payline Hawaiian-themed real money slot entertainment filled with exotic fruits, quaint tiki masks, an island volcano, a green iguana, and a mischievous-looking monkey all presented in colorful graphic cartoon images. Big Kahuna is great entertainment at mobile slots casinos.

Mobile Slots Bonus Features

The game is packed full of bonus games in addition to the Wild substitution feature, all of which allow slot players to achieve more payline wins with just a single spin. The “Big Kahuna” logo serves as the Wild symbol that can be used as substitute for the fruit symbols of an active payline.

The appearance of three, four or five consecutive Volcano Bonus symbols starting from reel one, triggers the Fruit Eruption bonus game in which a player gets to select an exotic fruit with a mystery credit bonus. Another bonus game, activated by the appearance of three or more successive Tiki Mask symbols offers more than one Click Me Tiki mask choice. The game also awards mystery bonus credits, although one has to select carefully and avoid a Tiki mask with a “Collect” prompt that ends the bonus game. Still, the Mask Bonus game awards additional consolation prizes of 10 credits for each of the unraveled mystery prize.

Another reward-giving feature of the game is the Monkey Scatter icon, with which the emergence of two or more increases a base game win, as it grants bonus credits multiplied by the total credits staked. With all these extras, you will love mobile slots bonus features.

Free Spins

If you are a lover of Free spins bonuses, Big Kahuna will not disappoint you. When you land 3, 4 or even 5 of the insane grinning monkey symbols on the reels you let loose a very lucrative and entertaining free spins bonus.

As fun as free spins are you will be blown away by the Big Kahuna symbol which act as Wild, however only for fruit symbols. If you manage to get Big Kahuna Wilds on the reels you will win the 8000 coin jackpot, you want to be playing max bet to get the most from this payout!

Getting Started

Sign into your casino account on your tablet or smartphone. To play Big Kahuna Mobile Slots, and navigate to the "Mobile" webpage. Present your country of residence and your cell phone number and click on the text link that will appear in a short time as a SMS. Once you have inserted the casino you can click on the games lobby and select Big Kahuna Mobile Slots to play at your leisure.

Mobile Slots Games Apps

Online casinos can permit you to use your mobile slots games apps by downloading the software before playing the games. Some others have the flash option that lets users to play games directly on their mobile browsers without downloading. After selecting either of the two options, you will be ready to enjoy any game you fancy.

It is that Easy

If you cannot make it to Tahiti or Hawaii, then get Big Kahuna Mobile Slots on your mobile. You can play anywhere and at any time. No matter what country you are in and at any hour either day or night, Big Kahuna is as easy as picking up your mobile. Once you start you will be singing Aloha-oe, until we meet again…

Aloha-oe, aloha-oe, ikeona ona noho ikanipo
One fond embrace ahoea ea
Until we meet again
Until we meet again
Till we meet again