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Cashville Mobile Slots – Enjoy the Bonus Feature and 60,000 Credits!

It is time to enjoy the flowing cash, as it is always present at Cashville Mobile Slots! Finest cigars, fanciest ladies, fantastic symbols, the ability to win up to 500,000 coins during the regular game and up to 60,000 coins as part of the Billionaires Bonus Feature are all definitely included in this fantastic game! Over here you will be able to find the most amazing benefits you never even believed could exist in a slots mobile game, and you will constantly feel excited and thrilled since the benefits you will win over and over again are going to be incredible!

So let yourself enjoy, with the fanciest gaming atmosphere of them all, with the best of the best gambling features including a regular mode and an expert mode, the ability to select lines as you bet in order to increase excitement and control over your game, the most amazing benefits such as Scatter and Wild, and the best of the best in each and every aspect of an iPad slots game which you can literally take wherever you go!

Billionaire? Bonus Feature? What Is It and How Can I Win It?

This is surely one of the most desirable benefits around! This amazing symbol will let you choose one out of four BILLIONAIRES to play your bonus game. When you do so, you get to win up to 60,000 coins as you play and to get benefited with a great reward: your winning will be multiplied by the total bet + your credits will be added to your payline right away!

And What about My Versified Betting Options?

Surely, you can enjoy a lot of ways to bet this game! Your favourite slots casino wants to make sure you are not only playing it the good way, but also the fun way! While one the greatest benefits attributed to the gambling world is the unexpected results that come with each and every spin, one of the most exciting things is the ability to combine this experience with a bit of control from your side! From now on, you can master this game and start to determine one or two rules over here. Want to know how? Simply!

At the sides of your screen you will be able to see "6" buttons (three next to each reel, to be exact). In case you click one or some of these buttons you get to see coloured lines marking your reels right away. The meaning of that is that you have just betted a few reels for your upcoming round. The very same action can be done by pressing the Select Lines button at the lower part of the screen. Once you do so, some reels will be marked again with coloured lines. You can also increase or reduce the amount of lines appearing on your screen by clicking and re-clicking the mentioned buttons. You will be able to see the lines change quickly, and you can decide exactly how many lines you want to appear before you spin the reels all over again.

It Is Scatter Time!

There was no better time to play it the Scatter Way and to enjoy its multiple benefits! The Scatter, which can be easily recognized by its golden S letter and its green background! This symbol is very special since once your winnings include this thing you can expect the multiplier feature to perform its magic! Your winnings will be multiplied by your total bet, and every coin you will receive will quickly increase its value! Surely, the multiplied winnings will be added to your payline in no time! In addition to that, three, four and five such symbols can also produce you some payouts of them own in no time at all! It is highly significant to enjoy 8, 30, and 300 credits as you find three, four and five Scatters on your reels, respectively.

Money Symbols and High Payouts!

Thought the payout of the Scatter is impressive? Wait until you find out about the money symbols which have almost no rival in terms of payouts over here! All the symbols that include some form of cash (banknotes, mostly) will let you enjoy between 90 and 180 coins right away as you win 5 of a kind in one spin! Five of a kind, of the people's symbols, will benefit you with 10,000 credits each! While the latter symbols can produce you this amazing winning of 10,000 coins, the money symbols can be replaced by the Wild symbol which is also a fantastic feature!

What is the Wild?

Wild is the symbol that can replace anything at anytime on your reels! Besides the Scatter and the people's symbols which are already very unique, the money symbols can participate in one of the most exciting gaming methods to win, and to win big! So, how does it work? The first thing you will need is two Scatter symbols next to one another on the reels. Once these two symbols are there (and it is not enough for a payout, as you probably know), you just need a Wild.

Wild, appearing on the third reel will take the place of the missing symbol and by doing so it will create for you a three of a kind in no time! This three of a kind will be worth just as any other, and the relevant payout will immediately be yours! From this moment on, you can go wild! Three of a kind, appearing on your payline next to a Wild, will let you enjoy the same payout a four of a kind is worth, and if you ever desired to win the payout of a five of a kind, you can definitely do so with the four identical symbols appearing on your reels and the additional Wild!

All in all....a great game! Don't delay - check out Cashville mobile slots on your phone or tablet, NOW!