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Cops and Robbers in Hot Pursuit

The theme of flash slots games is very important to flash slots players. Flash slot players have already demonstrated their love of the Cops and Robbers theme in several other highly successful Cops and Robbers oriented flash slots games. Online flash slots fruit machines are an advanced form of online flash slots machine games. Fruit machine flash slots games are constructed in a fashion similar to that of the UK fruit machines where there is an element of choice and skill as well as luck. Since the never ending contest between Cops and Robbers is a contest where luck and skill both play important roles it should seem only natural for these two elements to combine in the fruit machine flash slots game of Cops and Robbers. Indeed, the resulting Cops and Robbers flash slots game has proven highly successful and is considered quite an attraction among flash slots fans. As a fruit machine flash slots game, Cops and Robbers enhances the classic flash slots game with options of nudging and holding the reels as well as a bonus game which can be entered, giving the player a chance at collecting fabulous prizes along the way. As far as heroes and villains are concerned, I guess playing flash slots is all about enjoying the dream of getting rich. Perhaps that is why the heroes of this flash slots game are the robbers with their bags of swag (the robber symbol gives you the first place flash slots jackpot and the helmet of the cop lands the second flash slots jackpot - in addition, the swag bags trigger the special flash slots bonus game). Cops only get a salary; robbers get as much loot as then can get away with!

Cops and Robbers in Depth

Cops and Robbers is a Microgaming flash slots game powered by Microgaming's award winning Viper platform. You can find Cops and Robbers at the leading Microgaming casinos and although this online flash slots game is fairly new, it has already attracted quite a following of devoted flash slots players. As previously noted Cops and Robbers is a UK style fruit machine flash slots game. Cops and Robber is a 3 reel single payline flash slots game. The maximum payout on the flash slots reels is 500 coins (for landing 3 robbers) and the maximum wager is 10$. Payouts are easy to calculate and are basically the con value wagered multiplied by the number of coins won. Thus, the maximum payout is 500x10=5000$ for the maximum bet. Getting 3 swag bags on the payline triggers the first level of bonus game. Sufficient success at this bonus game give you the chance to enter the next level of bonus game of Cops and Robbers which grants even greater prizes. As a fruit machine game, Cops and Robbers gives you the opportunity to elect to use hold and nudge options. In Cops and Robbers nudging means letting one reel turn and reveal the next result - a move which may or may not produce a win. Holding means keeping 1 flash slots reel in position while spinning the other 2 reels randomly. Proper use of these options can theoretically increase the Cops and Robbers player's chances considerably although such moves are not without risk. The bonus game of Cops and Robbers is a multi-level guessing game where guessing correctly can bring the lucky Cops and Robbers player to a higher level of play and greater prizes (from personal experience I can report that this is a really cool occurrence - although I had to play Cops and Robbers quite some time before I managed to do it). So, come and join the fun, the excitement, the chase and the loot of Cops and Robbers! Who knows? Maybe you will be the next one to make a bundle without robbing the bank!