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The History of the Flash Slots

Historically, at the beginning of the development of the online slots games, players had to download a casino download in order to play online slots games. The reason for this was that the player's computer was required to handle some of the game graphics in order to allow for good game speed as the server load could not handle all the necessary computing easily. From the start this downloading was considered an arduous process and no download slots were sought. Later, flash slots were developed. These were essentially no download slots which could be played instantly directly from the browser.

The no download slots were instantly playable with no download required but these no download slots usually boasted reduced graphics. The reason for this was that the full graphics load of the regular online slots games was simply too much for the casino servers and thus no download slots tended to lag behind graphically. This was the price of playing no download slots games. Online slots players could then choose whether to download a slots casino and play higher quality online slots games or to play no download slots which were faster to start but boasted lesser levels of online slots graphics. These no download slots became known as flash slots because they could be played at a flash. No download slots, like regular online slots boast multiple reels with a variable number of possible paylines on which you can achieve winning combinations. Some flash slots include special symbols like Wild symbols and Scatter symbols and some flash slots include bonus games of various sorts. The world of flash slots is a rich one and is constantly developing and growing.

The Era of Flash slots

As the Internet connections continued to improve the graphics quality of the flash slots continued to improve as well. Thus, the flash slots of today are no download slots with top quality graphics, smooth action and great fun. Admittedly the newest slot machines tend to boast even better graphics and special effects which make them as yet unsuitable for play as no download slots but this is probably only a matter of time before the Internet connections once more improve and make these online slots too practical as no download slots. Since there is by definition a graphics limitation inherent in the fact that all graphics must be registered by our eye and our eye can only perceive a certain amount of information, is predictable that the online slots game swill eventually reach a summit of graphics quality beyond which they will be unable to advance. On the other hand, Internet connection speed does not seem to be exhibiting such limitations as of now. Thus, eventually all online slots will probably exist as flash slots since there is no reason why this should not be so as players tend to prefer no download slots. As soon as online slots players need to choose between two online slots games which are identical but one online slots game can be played only with an initial download and one online slots game can be played as a no download slots game, you can be sure that the no download slots game will be selected. Thus, since flash slots are far more convenient as they allow for instant online slots play they will in all probability eventually dominate the online slots arena and at some point the online slots which are not no download slots will become things of the past and all that will be left will be the flash slots games.

Flash Slots are Good for Online Casinos

In fact, the no download slots are good not only for the player; they are good for the Online Casino as well. Indeed, many online casinos also prefer the flash slots games as these no download slots are far easier to protect from hacking than the regular download online slots games. Since with the download online slots games a certain part of the software actually sits on the potential hacker's hard-drive and he can thus easily analyze its workings and try to find a weak point that he can exploit. This is not the case with the no download slots since the player never gets access to any part of the flash slots program except the interface. Of course, hacking the download is not at all easy and many have tried and failed but nonetheless, the flash slots do add a measure of protection for the online casinos. In addition, the flash slots enjoy the advantage that all games can be easily recorded so that theoretical hacking attempts can be spotted and thwarted.

Dinosaurs that Yet Live

Thus, in sum, one might say that the online slots games that are not flash slots game and require a download are dinosaurs that are nearing their imminent extinction. Flash slots are the modern online slots and they are probably going to be the online slots of the future where no download slots will dominate and no one will ever have to wait for an online download to complete its installation every again. At any rate, if you decide that you want to avoid downloading, the no download slots are certainly an excellent solution and the newer no download slots games are easily on par with their download requiring contemporaries.