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A Bit about Fruit Machines

Fruit machine games are one of the most entertaining types of slots games. Developed in Britain and commonly found there in pubs, they are the UK slots version of the standard U.S. slot machines.

The earliest of these fruit machines had three reels and fruit symbols. They dispensed fruit flavored chewing gum as prizes and that's how they got their name. They are also sometimes designated as AWP games (Amusement with Prizes).

The fruit machines are very similar to the classic three reel single pay line slot machines. The symbols have to line up in the middle reel in order to receive an award. However, fruit machines have additional features which differentiate them from the standard slot machines.

Additional Fruit Machines Features

These UK slots games have additional features which are actually interactive. For example, some of them offer a sub-game called a "trail". The trail feature is like a second screen requiring the player to move around some squares in accordance with the number he spins. When he lands on one of the squares, he is given some action to perform for which he gets additional winnings.

Two more fun features of the fruit machines are the "nudge" and "hold". If two of the same symbols show up on the pay line, the player can "hold" them and spin only the third reel to try to get a winning line. Furthermore, if the player had two lemons and a cherry on the pay line, and he can see that the next symbol on the third reel is a lemon, he can "nudge" the lemon into place and make a winning line. These UK slots have "nudge" and "hold" buttons in addition to the normal "spin" button so that the player can make use of these features.

Online Fruit Machines

That giant and world leader of online casino software, Microgaming, was the first to realize the potential of online fruit machines. As a result, they have developed a whole line of entertaining, humorous and wild fruit machine UK slots games, each with its own unique theme.

Cash 'n Curry, Dubya Money, Game On and Pub Fruity are some of the more popular classic Microgaming fruit machines.

Cash 'n Curry has an Indian cuisine theme. The symbols on the reels are Ruby Ring, Melon, Lime, Pint, Bars, Chili, Poppadom and Seven. The game combines a mix of the original fruit symbols and its own theme. The Cash 'n Curry fruit machine offers the trail, nudge and hold features.

Pub Fruity, the most popular of the Microgaming UK slots, has the original fruit machines symbols: Bells, Bar, Watermelon, Grapes, Orange, Lemon and Cherry. This game doesn't have the nudge and hold features, but it has two bonus sub-games instead. There is a Drinks Trail bonus game and a Dart Contest bonus game. Both of these games offer free spins and multipliers, and can often enrich the player with a lot more than the game jackpot offers.

Due to their special features, fruit machines are more tactical games than regular slots and involve more strategy to play. The U.S. video slots have incorporated and expanded several of the fruit machines features to make their games more interesting.