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Playing with Gold At Gold Factory Online Slots

If you enjoy online slots, then the Gold Factory might just be the game that you have been waiting for. While many real money slots games have multiple ways to win and big jackpots, Gold Factory is a unique experience that is sure to entertain all those who play slots online seriously. The game is fun, intriguing, and potentially lucrative all in one. And it’s easy to figure out how to play. In just a short time, you could be playing Gold Factory like a pro.

Style of the Game

The game takes place in the Gold Factory. Images are of the coins and fun characters who work in the factory. Some of the images have a cool effect in that when you win they become animated and are fun to watch (especially considering that if you see them moving, you know you just won.) Gold coins, bars, the factory itself, the boy, the manager, the train, and the sub all make up the amusing images that can make you money. Even the sound option supports the visuals of the gold factory. Now: Let’s talk about how to win some of the gold from the factory.

Winning the Gold

One of the most valuable images is that of the gold coin bearing the likeness of the man in the top hat. The word “Bonus” is on the coin. That’s because when you get three, four, or five of these it starts the boiler room bonus (and they also win you gold straight up. Get up to 50,000 coins with five of these bonus coins.) When you get enough, you go to the boiler room where you can open the doors of four boilers to reveal hidden prizes. When you open the doors, you can find free spins prizes or even the reactor bonus. With the free spins bonus, you take between ten and thirty-five free spins in which prizes are doubled. The reactor bonus brings you to the gold factory reactor room. Once again you have twelve doors that you can open. Ten of them have prizes and two have a malfunction alarm. Keep opening doors and collecting the prizes until you hit a malfunction which will end the bonus round. The Gold Factory logo is wild. Not only can enough of them win you up to 37,500 coins, but you can use them in place of any symbol except a scatter.

Spin the Reels, Find the Gold

With so many ways to win, the Gold Factory is the place to play. While gold images tumble all around you, you can quickly start collecting lots of coins for yourself. How many online slots not only have a bonus round, but also have a secondary bonus round within the first bonus round? That is exactly what you get with the boiler room bonus and then the reactor bonus. In fact, if you are very lucky, the top prize in this online slots game is an amazing 619,000 coins. Now, doesn’t it sound like a trip to the Gold Factory might be in order?