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The Golden Dragon Slots

Golden Dragon is a cool and fun online flash slots game designed by the world's leading online flash slots designer; Microgaming. Golden Dragon is a 3 reel online flash slots game with up to 5 paylines you can activate. Golden Dragon is a rather classic online flash slots game with a straight forward payout table. The big jackpot of this flash slots game is only accessible by wagering on all 5 possible paylines. You will note that such a wager is probably well worth it since such the big jackpot of this online flash slot Golden Dragon when you wager on five paylines is twice as high as the big jackpot of Golden Dragon for wagering on only 4 paylines (5000 coins as opposed to only 2500 coins respectively). Of course, aside from greater big jackpots, wagering on more paylines in multi-payline online flash slots games also means that you have more chances of winning each round so that there is more than one advantage to wagering on all paylines when playing Golden Dragon. You can only bet one coin per payline at Golden Dragon but you can vary the value of your coins at this online flash slots game significantly in order to match your bankroll. Thus, coin values at Golden Dragon can vary from as low as 25 cents a coin to as high as 20$ a coin. This means that a maximum win at the maximum betting value can land you a very handsome win of 100,000$ which is something well worth winning!

Golden Dragon Graphics and Symbols

A key point in many online flash slots games is the graphics quality. Golden Dragon is well known for top quality smooth running graphics. The background picture of Golden Dragon is that of the Golden Dragon itself resting on a pile of gold. The symbols of this online flash slots game include the classic BAR symbols, a shield symbol and the dragon head. The Golden Dragon dragon head symbol is something that you should hope will come up fairly often because the dragon head is considered a wild symbol that can substitute for any other symbol on the 3 reels. As is often the case with such online flash slots games, the dragon head symbol of this online flash slots game also happens to be the key to winning the big jackpot of the online flash slots game itself.

The Golden Dragon Theme

Microgaming, the creators of this online flash slots game put a lot of effort in to constructing this flash slots game so that the background art and symbols are all in accord with the theme of this flash slots game. The theme of this online flash slots game is the Golden Dragon and his gold. Obviously the Golden Dragon has a lair full of treasure and the bold and lucky might well be able to snatch it. Indeed the largest winnable sum is (as already previously stated) a grand amount of 100K. Such a vast sum, which is impressive for a 3 reel online flash slots game is certainly worthy of being considered the equivalent of a dragon's hoard. So come and join the great fun of Golden Dragon and maybe you too will be able to win a jackpot that is worthy of a dragon's lair. Until you win the big win, you will find that the fast paced action of Golden Dragon and the many easily accomplished winnings which you can acquire along the way help to make this particular online flash slots game an amazingly popular one with a great deal of flash slots playing potential within.