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Take off for the Great Galaxy Grab

You might think that the Great Galaxy Grab is a short video rather than an online slot machine. After all, when it starts, you first watch a science fiction story unfold which is most unusual for an online slots casino. But the story of the Great Galaxy Grab is merely setting the stage for a unique online slot machine. Once the story ends, it is time to play the Great Galaxy Grab for real money.

The Story

The story is interesting. In a galaxy “reasonably” far away, Captain Bronzebeard has fallen in love with his spaceship, Stella. This makes his wife , Steel Scarlet, very upset and she steals the heart of the ship which controls its navigation. He has to chase her and win her — and Stella’s — heart back. That’s where the story ends and the online slot machine begins. The game has five reels and you can enable multiple pay lines. When matching symbols land on an active pay line, you win cash. The symbols are the Captain, his wife, the ship, and the three robot crew members. There is also the Great Galaxy Grab logo, which is both wild and scatter symbol. When it is used as a wild symbol, it doubles all winning payouts. And when it acts as a scatter symbol, you win ten free spins that will triple your payouts if you win.

Chasing Steel

Steel Scarlet, the Captain’s jealous wife, is a scatter symbol. If you see three of more of her anywhere on the wheels, you can enter the space chase bonus game. This is a special game with six levels. By winning on one level, the next time you have enough scatters to advance, you go to the next level. In this way you can be like Captain Bronzebeard as he chases his wife across the Galaxy. The six levels are called stations and they are the Astro Bank, the Astro Fuel Station, the Astro Diner, the Astro Saloon, the Astro Casino, and the Astro Mall. Each time you enter the space chase bonus game, you can win bigger and bigger amounts of money.

Pure Entertainment

It is rare in an online slots casino that you will find a game like the Great Galaxy Grab that combines an interesting story with a great game. Yet the entertainment supports the payouts, it doesn’t replace them. This online slot machine can reward you huge jackpots. Five pictures of the Captain will get you two thousand coins for each coin that you bet on the payline.