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Move Over Tomb Raider: Hellboy is Here

Not since the video slot adaptation of the movie Tomb Raider has an action based game grabbed such immediate popularity. The Hellboy video slot is a magnificent, true to the original slots casino game based on the Hellboy collection of comics, movies, and video games. Very few slot machines can come close to the dramatic action and sophisticated graphics of Hellboy. Playing Hellboy is like going to the movies with one big difference: In the Hellboy Video Slot you participate in the action and can win real cash. You can't do that in the cinema.

Hellboy Basics

Hellboy is one of those slot machines that pushes the envelope. Five reels and twenty pay lines mean that you have tons of chances to come out ahead when playing Hellboy in an online slots casino. The images are taken from the Hellboy theme. So in addition to Hellboy, the lead character, you also have the other members of his team. When you hit the bonus game, you get to battle some of the characters from the underworld.

Where the Hellboy Video Slot Started

So many people already know the Hellboy story that the character is easily recognizable. Of course all the Hellboy slot machines are themed on the comic book hero Hellboy, that was originally published by Dark Horse Comic. After the comic books came two successful movies and a slew of video games based on the Hellboy theme. Something about this supernatural demon fighting for the benefit of humanity has really captured the public's imagination. So it is only natural that a video slot would be developed that would capture some of the Hellboy magic.

The Hellboy Video Slot Underworld Bonus

One feature that makes the Hellboy video slot game so interesting is the "Underworld bonus." This is a bonus round that is triggered when three or more of Hellboys fists appear on the video slot machines spinning reels. When the Underworld Bonus round starts, you can help Hellboy look for and save the rest of his band (the "BPRD Team.") You also get to look for the "Relic of Power" which can multiply your winnings if you find it. Besides the bonus, there is also super mode and free spins. The top jackpot is a whopping 92,000 credits. But like other slot machines, you have to be the maximum the slots casino will allow to qualify for the top prize.