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Hitman Mobile Slots

If you have a strong stomach and a desire for revenge, then Hitman Mobile Slots may just be the game for you. Moving to the mobile platform with an already booming review on the online platform, Hitman slots on mobile is sure to be a hit. The game focuses on Agent 47, the hitman and it mimics the popular story of the blockbuster movie that starred Timothy Olyphant. The first scene introduces you to the mobile slots feel of this game with the ominous images and music and the scary overall feel. First, you hear the sound track say, “He’ll get the job done. He always does. Nothing can stop him.” And, indeed, with the mobile casino slots game, nothing will stop this hitman.

More about Hitman Slots on Mobile

The Hitman slots on mobile include a lot of shadows. The hitman is always in the shadows, creating an ominous feeling. The various symbols in the game continue with this mobile slots feel from the knife and handguns to the sniper rifle, the wire for strangling people the Hitman insignia and more. There is a laptop where Hitman uses for his assignments and a bunch of money that he certainly gets when he makes the hit. This is not for the faint at heart, but Hitman slots on mobile is a game for those who love the darker side of drama and some excitement to boot.

Hitman Gets Started

Now, the Hitman Mobile Slots includes many awesome special features. Agent 47 is a great symbols, as he is wild and will expand vertically to cover the third reel. The Insignia bonus game opens up when the player has three Insignia symbols scattered on reels one, two and three. The player then picks one Insignia symbol and gets a bonus jackpot of as much as 20 times the total bet. There is also a Contract bonus game with the mobile casino slots game. If you have three computer symbols scattered on the reels with the Hitman slots on mobile, then you’ll see five targets and five weapons. You pick your poison to see a bonus amount and a multiplier. Your bonus amount multiplied by the multiplier will then show you the total amount that your Contract bonus game jackpot is worth. With the Hitman Mobile Slots game, three “18” symbols scattered about the reels will also offer 18 free spins. And the wins during this section are doubled.

All of this creates a hit like none other with mobile slots and offers players an awesome way to get their engine going and their energy up. This is a game that players who love suspense and some gore won’t want to miss today. Agent 47 is waiting for you today so that he can begin his next assignment. Are you man (or woman) enough to get started on his next adventure?