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Playing Leagues of Fortune

If you are getting tied of the slot machines in your favorite slots casino, keep an eye out for the new game Leagues of Fortune. Leagues of Fortune is already proving to be a hit as it is a slots game that takes players on an undersea adventure in search of buried treasure. When you play this new game, the first thing you will notice is that unlike most slot machines, there are no pay lines. It doesn't matter how many coins you bet, you cannot activate a special pay line. Does this mean that there is no way to win? No way! The opposite is true. The no pay line feature means that you can win when matching symbols pop up anywhere on the reels. All you need is five, four, or even just three matches to come out ahead. Since the screen will show you four symbols on each of the five reels, that means that with a single spin, you have one thousand and twenty-four different ways to win.

The Undersea Adventure

Wonder what a “league” is and how you get to Leagues of Fortune? Think Jules Verne and the famous novel 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. This is not like the other slot machines that you will find in a slots casino. The aquatic images that can help you win real cash include maps, underwater diving machines, a deep sea diver, the captain and of course, treasure chests. Now in the book, the giant squid is a monster that all men fear. But in Leagues of Fortune, the appearance of the squid is actually a good thing. It can help you win more money and it is also neat to watch. Here's what happens when the squid surfaces from the deep: He will suddenly show up at random times on the screen. His tentacles start to grow and extend. Every image that his tentacles touch turns into a free spin bonus. You could win as many as thirty-five free spins thanks to the squid. And even better, when playing on the squid's tentacle (ie: using a free spin,) the amount you win will be multiplied five times over. There is also a wild sign. That is the Leagues of Fortune logo. This symbol can be used in place of any other sign if it will help you win.