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The Romantic Love Potion

A key factor in many slots casino games is the background theme of the various slot machines games. Microgaming, the undisputed leader in slots casino games, makes a point of releasing several slot machines games every month. Where applicable, these slot machines games cater to the various holidays and special events pertaining to the month in question. Thus for February this year, with St. Valentine's Day, Microgaming has released the all new Love Potion which is a slots casino game centered around the theme of romantic love. The romantic slot machines game of Love Potion boasts appealing theme relevant graphics of flowers, Cupid and people in love. All this loveliness of the Love Potion game takes place as a fast action slots casino game with very real cash rewards that lucky slots casino players can collect. Love Potion has 5 reels and 9 activate-able paylines. It is possible to wager up to 180 coins at this slots casino game with 20 coins per payline of the slot machines game. Of course, the programmers and slot machines game designers at Microgaming are hardly ready to content themselves with simple slot machines game graphics and so, Love Potion also boasts an interesting bonus round that can be triggered by lucky slots casino players who spin up 2 or more "love potions" as well as the option of winning free bonus Love Potion spins at a colossal X5 multiplier. As far as betting ranges are concerned, coin denominations range from as little as a single cent to as high as a quarter so that the maximum slot machines wager at Love Potion is 45$ rewards can be quite high in the basic round (these are roughly the equivalent of other slot machines games) and much much higher in the free spins rounds of this slots machines game.

The Many Bonuses of Love Potion

Love Potion offer three different sorts of special bonuses. First, there is the optional gambling feature where slots casino players can wager some or all their winnings for the chance of doubling or even quadrupling their winnings. Next, there is the chance of winning free spins with a multiplier. This is essentially similar to the free spins winnable at other Microgaming slots casino games. Finally, there is the exciting bonus round that lucky slot machines players will get to access. At this game the slots casino player gets to choose suitors for a girl. The comical scene that ensues ends with the suitor being lovestruck and the various choices can result in some nice coin rewards that help enhance the gaming experience as well as the bankroll. This slot machines game is thus perfectly suited for getting you into that special romantic feeling with which this month is blessed. So if you like pink, roses and romance as well as the excitement of playing a well made gambling slots casino game, Love Potion is certainly for you!