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Mad Dash Video Slot Will Take Your Breath Away

The race is on. Will the Tortoise beat the Hare and the Fox, or will the wily rabbit finally find a way to outsmart his two main rivals? With the Mad Dash Video Slot, the three racing animals face off once again, this time on four-wheel motorbikes. Mad Dash Video Slot, a new entry to the slots casino, has five reels and 20 pay lines. It also has scatter symbols, wild symbols, free spins and a bonus game. It also offers another most outstanding feature not offered on all slot machines - incredible multipliers. If any one of the racing animals appears three times on adjacent reels of a winning payline, the bet is multiplied 1000 times. If the Mad Dash Video Slot logo appears three times on adjacent reels of a winning line, the bet is multiplied by a whopping 2,000 times.

Slot Machines That Offer Lucky Bonuses

Most of the new slot machines coming out today are extremely popular with players because the slots casino games offer so many different ways to win. In addition to the multiple pay lines, which in themselves represent a huge advance for the slots casino, games such as Mad Dash Video Slots offer amazing bonus games that virtually pour the winnings on the lucky players who hit them. If three Trophy symbols appear at the same time, the player is entitled to play the Mad Dash Bonus Game, which involves betting on which racer will win a race, which color motorbike it will ride, and in which terrain the race will take place. After the choices are made, the slots machine race begins. Even a third place finish nets 10 free spins. A second place finish brings 15 free spins, and a first place finish for the chosen racer yields 25 free spins.

Bringing the Entertainment to the Slots Casino

The latest crop of online video slot machines are not only more likely to bring in winnings, they are also much more entertaining than anything offered in the slots casino before the advent of video slots games. Just the bonus round alone is offers outstanding graphics and animation, amusing sound effects, and a well-crafted theme that is light and engaging. Traditional slot machines, which offered three reels and one pay line, could not compete on the level of entertainment. Of course, the more engaging slot machines are, the more likely the player will keep playing games in the slots casino.