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Major Millions Orders You to Have Fun!

Did you enjoy playing with toy soldiers while growing up? Do you love seeing movies centered around heroic war themes? Well if the answer is yes, then there is a new game that you will love. Major Millions is a progressive slots game where you can win a huge jackpot. The theme of the game is the military and all the images are based on that concept.

What You Will Find When Playing Major Millions

Everyone you look in the Major Millions game you will the military theme. The symbols that you are hoping to line up include the Major, a tank, an airplane, a battleship, medals, a case of ammunition, a top-secret letter, the major's hat, and field binoculars. When you get these all in a row, you will hear the familiar "ka-ching" of a cash register.

Think MASH and You Will Get the Concept of a Military Progressive Slots Game

Is the military theme an intimidating one? No, not with Major Millions. Think how the television show MASH tuned the harsh realities of a war into a feel good comedy. That is what you get when you play Major Millions. The symbols of the progressive slots game may be military, but they are hardly threatening. The images seem more like playful. Just look at the tank, manned by a rather confused soldier. It shoots a flag that says "Bang!" So this is not really the stark images of war that you get when playing Major Millions.

A Second Theme in Major Millions

Of course there is a second theme that you will pick up on the minute you start playing Major Millions. That is the theme of money and the big jackpot. The warplane doesn't drop bombs, it drops coins. And those coins are what you will win if you are lucky enough to line up three or more of the same image on one of the fifteen paylines.

The Major Millions Extras

Besides tanks and planes, Major Millions also uses a wild symbol, which makes it easier to win by substituting for any other slots to create a winning combination. It also triples your payout in the bargain. Major Millions also uses a scatter symbol, which wins whenever three or more of them appear anywhere on the online slot machine, regardless of paylines.

The Major Millions Progressive Slots Jackpot

Of course the main reason most people play Major Millions is to attempt to hit the progressive jackpot. This jackpot keeps growing anytime anyone around the world plays the game. The big payout can skyrocket into the millions. So why play a game where the most you can win is enough for a cup of tea? Play a game in which one lucky spin could enable you to buy the tea shop.