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Play Mobile Major Millions at Your Slots Casino Today

In a world of ever more complicated five reel slots with dozens of pay lines or hundreds of ways to win, it is refreshing to come back to basics with a three reel, three pay line slots game that is easy to follow and easy to play. One such game is mobile Major Millions, which sports a military theme but actually has more in common with the classic three reel fruit machines of an earlier era. Its symbols include the classics such as cherries, bars, and sevens. But in at least one important way, mobile Major Millions is one of the most modern games in the whole slots casino. It is a progressive mobile slots game with one of the biggest jackpots in the whole slots casino. Everyone who plays the game across the world is connected into a single network, and every time someone does not win the jackpot, the total grows until one lucky winner walks away with a fortune.

A Mobile Slots Game That's Hard to Put Down

Since mobile Major Millions features only three reels, it fits perfectly into the small screen of your mobile phone. Although graphics for five reel mobile slots games are crystal clear, having less information to follow on the screen is an advantage. It makes it easier to see how the symbols are falling in each pay line, especially if you start hitting the Major Millions symbol. Hit three Major Millions in the first pay line across the top of the screen and win 25,000 coins. Do the same in the second pay line that runs through the middle of the screen and you win 50,000 coins. And if you are lucky enough to hit three Major Millions symbols in the third pay line, you get the big money, which could run well over a million coins one of the largest in the payout available in the slots casino. Of course, that means you need to activate all three pay lines to qualify.

The Pride of the Slots Casino

For many players, the chance to win the progressive jackpot is only one of the perks of mobile Major Millions. Like a lot of mobile slots games, the appeal lies in the simplicity of the game's design. While other mobile slots offer dazzling effects and numerous special features, it is, ultimately, the thrill of watching the reels turn and land on a winning combination that makes people come back to the slots casino again and again. With mobile Major Millions, you can watch the reels and, if luck is with you, walk away with the progressive slots jackpot .