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Play Progressive Slots Anywhere with Mobile Mega Moolah

The mobile Mega Moolah application takes one of the world's most popular online slots casino games and adapts it to the latest mobile devices. As far as mobile slots go, mobile Mega Moolah is destined to be a huge hit for many reasons. The chief one is that this mobile slots game is a progressive game. Anyone who has played slots casino games knows that progressive slots are where the really big money can be made. Now, since the mobile slots version can be played anywhere, the jackpots will likely climb even higher as millions of people can now access the game game from anywhere and play at anytime. That is why one of the best casino slots game will only get better.

How Mobile Mega Moolah Works

Here's how a progressive slots game differs from any other slots casino game. In a progressive game like mobile Mega Moolah, everyone who plays anywhere in the world feeds into the big jackpots. That means that the amount you could win from a single spin of the mobile Mega Moolah reels keeps increasing until someone wins. Since mobile slots are so much more convenient than other slots games, that means that more people will play these mobile slots games more often. The more people who play, the larger the jackpots become. So now, by making a popular game into a mobile slots game with a progressive jackpot, the slots casino sites offering the game can attract even more players. Now more people than ever have a chance to win and that means that with more players, there is more money to win.

Mobile Mega Moolah

The original Mega Moolah game was already one of the most sought out. Game play is smooth, the graphics are entertaining to say the least, and special features like wild multipliers and free spin scatters make game play exciting. Yet despite all these great features, the real attraction to the game is the massive amounts that can be won on every spin. Of course, to win the really big progressive jackpots, you must bet the maximum amount. But the payoff can be so huge, that this makes every round a thrill. Also, mobile Mega Moolah really takes advantage of all the unique capabilities of the latest mobiles like the iPhone or Android or Blackberry. So the game looks and feels like it was made to be played on a mobile.