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Playing Mobile Pub Fruity

The new mobile Pub Fruity version of the classic slots casino game has all of the great features of the original game designed specifically as a mobile slots game. That means that anyone who has played this game in an online slots casino will pick up on how to play mobile Pub Fruity in a snap. But using the advantages of mobile slots technology, mobile Pub Fruity propels the game forward in terms of usability and convenience.

Basics of Mobile Pub Fruity

Like it's desktop antecedent, mobile Pub Fruity is a three reel, single pay line slots casino game. The images are typical pub symbols such as fruit selections and special drinks. If you match three symbols on the pay line and are playing the mobile Pub Fruity real money game, you win cash. The amount you win depends on the odds of a particular symbol landing on the pay line. For example, three cherry images pays out more than three orange symbols. Within the basic mobile Pub Fruity game are two bonus games that are perfect for a slots casino game like this.

The Mobile Pub Fruity Bonus Games

There are two bonus games in mobile Pub Fruity, the Drinks Table bonus game and the Dart Contest bonus game. If a symbol is displayed with a 1, 2 or 3 label, that symbol is automatically converted to a Drinks Trail symbol. If you get at least one Drinks Table symbol displayed on the pay line, you get admitted to the Drinks Trail bonus game. If you get a dart symbol on the pay line, you are in the Dart Contest bonus game. Each bonus game awards you great prizes without having to place additional wagers.

Advantages of Mobile Pub Fruity

So far, all of this is the same if you are playing mobile Pub Fruity or the non-mobile slots casino version. Where the mobile slots version comes in handy is the ability to play mobile Pub Fruity wherever and whenever you choose. Just take your mobile out and as long as you are connected to the internet, you can play mobile Pub Fruity. This convenience really makes mobile Pub Fruity a superior game and explains its incredible popularity. The game of mobile Pub Fruity joins a list of impressive slots casino games that have been redesigned as mobile slots to meet the greater player demand.