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Play Mobile Thunderstruck on Your Mobile Phone

The original Thurnderstruck slots game revolutionized the online slots casino when it first appeared more than five years ago with its dazzling array of winning combinations and stunning visual presentations. Now, the new mobile Thunderstruck is set to revolutionize the mobile slots casino as well. And judging by the high number of times the game has already been downloaded to mobile devices, mobile Thunderstruck is meeting the high expectations it set with its first offering. Just like the video slots version, mobile Thunderstruck still has five reels and a large number of pay lines, crisp clean graphics, and the Norse Mythology theme. The mobile slots version, however, improves on the sound effects, making the experience look and sound more like playing at a slot machine.

Mobile Slots Are the Newest Trend in Online Betting

Although a large number of people continue to play games in the online slots casino, an increasing number of people are choosing to spin the reels on their phones or other mobile devices. The convenience of having the game available at any time, whether or not you are near a computer, makes it hard to resist the allure of mobile slots. With the addition of mobile Thunderstruck, game developers Microgaming and Spin3 demonstrate that the five reel slots game fits perfectly well in the small mobile display window. In fact, the symbols are even cleaner in the mobile version, filling up the screen more dramatically. The winnings, however, are the same, with multiple pay lines moving across the screen at a breathtaking rate, just as longtime fans of Thunderstruck have come to expect.

The Slots Casino Never Had So Many Options

The world of slot machines and slots games has come a long way since the days of mechanical levers and one arm bandits. Today, the slots casino is overflowing with more games to play and more ways to play them. The latest development, mobile slots, is simply the next logical step in the evolution of online gaming. And games such as mobile Thunderstruck help make them extremely popular. A few winning spins on Thunderstruck and you'll be hooked. A few more and you might hit the wild symbols, scatters, or even some bonus spins. Once the winning start pouring in, it will be quickly apparent why mobile Thunderstruck is setting the standard for online gaming.