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Where do Online Aussie Pokies Come From?

After Charles Fey's invention of the slot machine in San Francisco in the late 1800's, and the eventual rise in popularity of slot machines in Las Vegas casinos in the late 1940's, an Australian company, called Aristocrat, decided that slots were a good future for casino games, and they developed a pokie called Clubman. The Clubman was replaced by the Clubmaster in 1955. The following year the government of New South Wales legalized gaming machines in registered clubs. It was this ruling that changed the face of gambling in Australia.

Australians are big gamblers and as soon as online gambling hit the internet, they immediately found that their online Aussie pokies were a big hit. The name pokies probably stems from the fact that there were video poker machines in pubs and clubs as well as the slots so that all of them were reduced to being called "poker" machines which was eventually broken down to "pokies". Today, the word pokies applies to both slots and poker machines in Australia.

At first the pokies were very basic games with three spinning reels and one, three or five lines. By today's standards the jackpots were relatively small and the only activity involved was pulling the handle or lever and waiting for the reels to stop spinning, exactly like the first U.S. slots.

In the late 1980's when the first video slots were developed the pokies became more complex with five reels, more pay lines and additional ways to win such as free spins. All of these developments eventually led to the online Aussie pokies which are the most popular online casino games "down under".

The Most Popular Online Aussie Pokies

Although there are hundreds of online slot machine games available today, not all of them reach the same level of popularity, and in Australia there are about ten online pokies that are so popular that they are being played constantly. All of them are video slots. Here are a few:
  • Queen of the Nile - this is number one in the online Aussie pokies popularity list. It has an Egyptian theme and offers 3, 9 and 20 pay lines plus a 15 free games bonus.
  • Indian Dreaming - this game is a bit different as the player does not have to line up symbols to win. Instead, symbols on adjacent reels win. It has bonus features with 5, 10 or 20 free games and x3 and x5 multipliers.
  • King of the Nile - exploiting the popularity of Queen of the Nile, this game was introduced to the online Aussie pokies in 2002. It only comes in a 20 pay line format, but you have a re-trigger of the free spins feature where you can take your winnings or try for a mystery prize.
  • Show Me the Money - this game was released in the year 2000 and allows the player five options of free spins and multipliers. There is also a mystery prize feature if the wild symbol comes up on reels 1 and 5.

Online Aussie pokies are very innovative and entertaining slots games. Although there is no strategy to winning, since they are computerized and the symbols are randomly generated, they provide hours of relaxation and enjoyment.