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Party Island Mobile Slots – Triple Your FREE SPINS Winnings!

It's DISCO time, YO! Partying and celebrating all around! As the coolest party in town, the best game of all slots casinos - Party Island Mobile Slots – includes all the top rated benefits you can ever think of! From a nice Gamble Feature, all the way through Scatter and Wild symbols, and to the best benefit of all – 15 FREE SPINS with 3X multiplier at the end of mode! Join today and start enjoying the coolest music you have ever heard, the best glittering disco balls, the most exciting winning features and so much more! The very best thing you can do, in case you truly want to enjoy the rest of your summer, is to subscribe the most favoured casino of them all, to use one of the free slots apps available out there, and to start playing the android slots game you will never want to get out of - Party Island Mobile Slots!

I Am SO Excited! What Is the Gamble Feature?

The Gamble Feature is for sure what makes this game much better than any other! While all other games will mostly present you with the same benefits, rewards and features you are most probably well familiar with – this game will surely not! Even if you are an experienced gambler and you are confident you have seen it all, you definitely want to learn a bit more about our Gamble Feature, since it gets out of the regular borders known to slots players.

Once you press the Gamble button, you open the door to the room of possibilities in which you can double and even quadruple your potential win! A new window will be presented to you with two colour options (RED and BLACK) and four suit options. You will then be able to pick one card or one colour as you like, and then the gambling starts. A correct colour choice will reward you with a doubled winning, while choosing the right card will let you enjoy a 4X multiplier applied for your upcoming win! You can use the Gamble feature over and over again up until your gambling limit is reached!

Wonderful! Now Tell Me How I Can Win 10,000 Credits in One Spin!

Easily! Party Island Mobile Slots' rules are made up exactly in order for you to win those credits in no time while experiencing the highest levels of thrill you can ever think of! In case you already saw the orange party – ball symbol (with a few pinkish flowers), you can now know this is your symbol! But before we get to the real deal (the 10,000 credits that are still waiting to be won by you), you better know the major purpose of the Wild symbol.

Wild is highly praised as a slots symbol for its ability to replace many other symbols. It can replace each and every symbol, as a matter of fact, besides the Scatter. By doing so, Wild can create you with exciting win – spins you never even thought were possible! For example, if two identical symbols appear on two different reels (such as #3 and #5), having only one reel – gap between them, it is an ALMOST win – spin… as you robably know by now. However, from this moment on your payout is yet to be lost! All that it takes in order for you to enjoy a three of a kind payout, as those symbols are capable of producing you, you simply need to watch how a Wild symbol presents itself on your 4th reel! Thus a combination of Symbol – Wild – Symbol will function the same way three adjacent and identical symbols would! Four and five of a kind can also be generated for you the very same way! Be sure to remember that each win that includes the Wild is not worth "only" the "three of a kind" \ "four of a kind" \ "five of a kind" ordinary payout, but actually twice of its original value! Thanks to the presence of the Wild symbol in your new combination, all these winnings will be 2X multiplied!

Now that we know why Wild is so important to our game, we are ready to learn what this symbol has to do with a 10,000 credits grant. After all, even the highest payout of a five of a kind (yes, even when doubled) is not worth so much. Well, that's all the beauty! Our unique symbols have unique features and the Wild symbol can be worth much more than what you can even imagine!

In case you win two adjacent Wild symbols on your reels, you can expect to win immediately 5 additional credits in no time! When you hit three Wilds, you can know 100 credits will automatically be granted to you. Greater numbers are also coming up, of course, and 1,000 credits will be yours by merely winning four Wilds symbol. Do you feel it coming? Can you already guess how 10,000 credits will be yours? Well, in case your guess was correct, you already understand by now that five Wilds on all five reels will produce you the finest payout of them all – 10,000 credits right away!

It's Time to Play For FREE!

It surely is! 15 FREE SPINS can be yours with no further effort! The best thing you can learn now is that although you can easily be granted with those 15 FREE SPINS, your eligibility to win additional REAL credits is surely not diminished. Each and every FREE SPIN holds the potential for you to win a LOT, and as a matter of fact all of your winnings will also be TRIPLED during the FREE SPINS! 3, 4 or 5 Scatter symbols (the beautiful purple dancing ball) is all that you need in order to enjoy the application of the best game – changing feature right away. Moreover, you better keep in mind that Scatter symbol is also capable of benefitting you with credits in the following way – 2 credits will be yours once you win two adjacent Wild symbols. 4 credits will be granted to you upon achieving three such symbols. If 40 credits are your preference you only need to win four Scatters in one spin, and in case you are interested in the 750 credits grant, then chase the five Scatters. These will make the real magic happen! Enjoy your game!