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Riviera Riches Mobile Slots – Review

12 Free Spins, retriggered bonuses, double winnings with WILD symbols and 3X multiplier. With Riviera Riches on your phone you can play mobile slots and win over and over again. The mobile slots features are simply endless and the winning potential is immense! Join today Riviera Riches Mobile Slots and win, win, win!

Riviera Riches Mobile Slots is a magnificent casino game, equipped with joyful music, decorative drawings, and multiple rewards and bonus features that let you combine a fancy experience of the riches' world with every thrill attributed to casino gambling. Enjoy either Riviera Riches on your phone or play this mobile slots casino on tablet; either way simply let yourself enjoy the wonderful benefits of this highly ranked casino game.

WILD, Scatter, Free Spins and BONUS FEATURE


The WILD symbol, which is truly wild at Riviera riches, looks is a shining golden-red symbol with money-drawings on the one side of the coin and a Riviera Riches logo on the other. WILD serves as a substitute to all symbols except Scatter, and by doings so raises your chances to win at every spin. Other than that, with WILD your winnings are doubles, and once this magnificent symbol appears at reels 1 and 5 a bonus feature is triggered.


What could be better for a Scatter's symbol rather than a bunch of money? You will surely not miss this great symbol. Three or more Scatter symbols trigger Free Spins, while three, four or five Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels trigger the free spins feature. Now, besides the fact you are rewarded with 12 (!) free spins, all your credits are benefited with the wonderful 3X multiplier. Free spins can be retriggered, and yes, the BONUS feature can be triggered during free spins too! Want more? The BONUS feature and Free Spins feature can be triggered together.

Free Spins

Winning free spins at Riviera Riches Mobile Slots is a fantastic experience! The music gets much much happier, the background color is alternated and best of all… you are the one to choose when to start spinning your free spins. Simply press the "Start Free Spins" button and let the real fun begin! The winnings themselves during the free spins are impossible to miss: all symbols attributed to winnings start to animate and the relevant lines are marked with colors. The Total Win and Win boxes assemble the coins or credits you deserve with a rustling sound so you will surely have no doubt regarding your winnings. At the upper left corner you can view the number of free spins left, so you know exactly where you stand. The Total Win box saves all the rewards gained during the Free Spins session, and the Win box, shows you how much you gained during the current winning As earlier stated, during the free spins 3X multiplier takes it place, and at the end of the rounds a beautiful "Congratulations" screen appears and lets you know exactly how much you won. Done? Took a breath after this crazy adventure? Once you are ready, you can press the "back to game" button and keep on collecting winnings and additional free spins.


Besides the beloved WILD and Scatter symbols, Riviera Riches Mobile Slots rewards you with more ways to win the thrill. BONUS FEATURE is triggered when the BONUS Scatter symbol lands anywhere on reels 1 and 5. Once this happens, you are awarded with 2 spins on a roulette wheel. BONUS wins are added to payline wins and a guaranteed extra win of 4X multiplier will be awarded.

The Winnings Adventure at Riviera Riches Mobile Slots

Winning at Riviera Riches Mobile Slots is so much fun! All the winning symbols start to animate and are marked with a nice line so you can never miss the reason you just won. The credits are assembled in a moderate pace, letting you enjoy each coin added to you and once the WILD and Scatter symbols are a part of the game they simply celebrate with you! The WILD turns from side to side and is replaced with a Riviera Riches logo while the Scatter shows you the money falling from the sky. The background sounds added once you win your spin add substantially to the exhilaration thrill. The winnings as Riviera Riches Mobile Slots are frequent and fun! 

Gambling Versions

Gambling at Riviera Riches Mobile Slots is easy, comfortable, and suitable for anyone in any place. First of all, you can either play mobile slots on your cellphone using the mobile versions available for gamblers. Second of all, a mobile slots on tablet version also exists and lets you benefit from this wonderful casino game either at your own home or at any site containing a PC. Different game versions also exists for the gamblers. Those who feel they wish to get to know the game a bit better before they start playing are welcome to use to Demo version available on multiple casino websites. Once embarking on a demo game, either 1,000,000.00 demo credits are available, or for the coins' favours - 50,000,000.00 coins are there to be used. The Demo version lets the gamblers enjoy mostly the full experience, learn about the WILD, Scatter, Bonus and much more. A REAL PLAY version is always available to use, either by pressing the banner on the screen or starting a new game. So once you are ready for the true adventure, start playing for real and feel the real thrill!