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Play Riviera Riches Today

Riviera Riches, one of the newest games in the slots casino, is also one of the most exciting slot machines to come along in quite a while. It's a five reel, 15 pay line slots game based on the theme of a Riviera casino, has everything people look for in slot machines: free spins, multipliers, and many chances to win. Its colors and symbols, including those featuring dapper gentlemen and stacks of cash, evoke the elegance of the Riviera lifestyle. But its highlight, without a doubt, is an innovative bonus game that really brings the French Riviera to life. Since the Riviera is known for its casinos, and since the most widely recognized symbol for a casino is the roulette wheel, the bonus game is nothing less than a roulette game, rigged to dramatically increase your chances of winning.

Slot Machines That Transport You to the Riviera

With Riviera Riches, the online slots casino moves to the Mediterranean coast. The game's logo serves as a wild symbol that replaces any other symbol on the board, other than the scatter symbol, to complete pay lines. The Riviera Riches symbol itself also serves as a high yield opportunity. Hit five Riviera Riches at one time and you get 1,500 times your original bet. The stack of cash and coins serves as the scatter symbol. Hit two at one time and you get a payout. Hit three and you get 12 free spins. And any winnings you get during the free spins are tripled. Like other slot machines, Riviera Riches has a bonus game that's randomly triggered. All it takes is for the Riviera Riches symbol to appear in the first and fifth reels, and the slots casino is suddenly transformed into a roulette table.

A Dazzling Addition the Slots Casino

When the Roulette Bonus Game is triggered, you temporarily leave the slots casino for a chance at some Riviera Roulette. You get two spins on the fabulous wheel. But since it's a bonus game, it has been altered enough to make it nearly impossible not to win. Pick any number between 1 and 36, and the game automatically places a bet on all the different ways the number can be used. If you bet 12, it will include a bet on all even numbers, all numbers 1 and 18, and every other possibility. But just in case the ball still manages to elude all the possibilities, you get four times your original bet just for playing. That's the kind of bonus you look for in slot machines.