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Don't Be Lost in Space with the Robot Butler Online Slots Game

If you like science fiction and also like playing the latest online slots, you will love the new Robot Butler game. It brings you right back (or foreword maybe) to the age where anything is possible. All the images in this game are linked to a science fiction theme. High tech gadgets, vehicles, and a sound track to go along with it. It's not quite Star Trek but once you start playing you could feel Lost in Space.

Need Help? The Robot Butler is Here to Serve

The action centers around the Robot Butler. Like any good servant, the Robot Butler will put your mind at ease. That's because when he appears on one of the reels of this great online slots game, you are getting close to winning some cash. That is because the Robot Butler is this online slots game's wild card symbol. Almost all good slot machines have a wild card, this game's just happens to be a high tech Butler Robot. You can use him to replace any other symbol that helps you form a winning combination.

Multiple Fun with a Multiple Robot Butler

Who says you can only have one butler? When you play this game, if you are lucky enough to get more than one Robot Butler on the reels, then the game gets much more fun. If he appears on reels 1 and 5 at the same time, then you start the Robot Butler Bonus Feature. You watch as the Robot Butler tries to find a selected item. If he finds the item on the first try, you can win up to 100 times the amount you initially wagered. If not, he gets another try. You can still win the original bet. Even if he fails, you get a consolation prize of 4 times the triggering bet.

Free Spins on Robot Butler Can Turn into Free Money

When you play Robot Butler online slots, free spins are really easy to win. When 3 butler's trays appear anywhere on the screen, that means that you just won 12 re triggering spins. Just click on any of the Robot Butler's trays and you get a multiplier that goes as high as one that will multiply your winning by five.

Robot Butler Online Slots Basic Info

Like all online slot machines, you need to know some basic information to play Robot Butler. First, you can bet between 0.01 cents and 0.10 cents per line. Robot Butler is a 5 reel game and has a whopping twenty pay lines. There are lots of chances to win when you zoom into the space age and play a few rounds with the Robot Butler.