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Scrooge - Just in Time for Christmas

Just in time for the Christmas Holiday, the latest of the online slot machines is the game of Scrooge. Just as you would imagine, this is one of the seasonal slot machines that were designed to reflect holiday themes. Scrooge is, of course, based on the Charles Dickens classic tale of Scrooge the miser who is visited by the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future who try and persuade him that the true path to happiness lies in sharing his fortune. Will Scrooge share his fortune with you? You will have to play the slots casino to see.

Playing Scrooge

Scrooge is one of the five reel slot machines that you can find in a leading slots casino. You decide how many coins to bet and how much each coin is worth. Not only can you win more money by betting more, but you can activate a new pay line for every coin you bet. The images in Scrooge are all characters and items from the story. Line up identical images on an active pay line, and you will win cash. You also can win free spins. That's because every time you win you can click on one of the winning images. You will either get one free spin or one more day on the calender. The calender is at the top of the screen and starts on December 1. When you get enough additional days so that it says December 25, you are awarded the free spins you have collected. You win double when you win using a free spin.

Other Special Features

The image of Scrooge is a scatter. If you get three, four, or five of them, you open up the Christmas dinner feature. You choose a meal for each character and then see which one wins. If you guess correctly, you can win lots of free spins. The Scrooge logo is a wild and can be substituted for any other symbol except the scatter. When you win using the Wild, your win is doubled. Other wins occur when you have three, four, or five matching signs on the same active pay line.