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Secret Admirer Mobile Slots – Review

At Secret Admirer Mobile Slots each gambler can touch the sky of the mobile slots casino bonuses, start with $200.00 demo credits, win 3 free spins at a time, and win much, so much more!

Join today Secret Admirer Mobile Slots and experience the romantic atmosphere filled with fancy perfumes, lovely flowers, shining rings, and magnificent ball-masks.

Available at multiple mobile casino sites, and ranked as one of the top mobile slots casino bonuses games, you can now play Secret Admirer on your phone and enjoy a romantic yet exciting gambling experience! 

Free spins, WILD and Scatter symbols, Bonuses and Much More


The Scatter symbol, which wears the shape of a shining beautiful ring, is capable of benefiting the gambler with 3 free spins every time and benefits the gambler by paying also during free spins. In fact, the Scatter symbol at Secret Admirer Mobile Slots grants many additional wonderful rewards for the gambler: the Scatter wins are added to payline wins, Scatter wins appear and 3 free spins are triggered and when all 5 Scatters appear then max scatter win is repeated 3 times.


The WILD symbol which looks like a breathtaking mask serves as a substitute for all symbols except Scatter. Just like the Scatter, however, the WILD symbol takes part also during the free spins and lets the gambler enjoy all the worlds at once! 

Additional Treats and Rewards

Different symbols reward in different ways. While the numbers' symbols can reward with fine, average, payouts, nothing is as exciting as benefiting the beautiful drawings. Both on the decorative aspect, since they are simply magnificent, and most importantly on the payouts aspect, since they reward with the most credits.

Betting and Depositing Options & Auto-Play

Gamblers can vary their betting amounts depending on their pocket size, inner feeling or general mood. The minimal amount for a bet is $0.90 and the maximal is $90.00. Many options in-between are also available, of course. By playing with the + and – buttons at the left side of the bar, the gambler can choose the exact betting amount, which he or she can easily change at any desired spin. Bet Max button is also available for the brave and quick-decisions-makers. By pressing the Bet Max button, no + and – buttons are needed, and the next spin will automatically be counted for the maximal betting amount.


This nice and easy option, lets the gambler enjoy all the game's benefits, without even moving his finger for as long as he wants. The Auto-Spin button appears after pressing the Expert button (the game automatically starts on the Regular mode and can be alternated according to the gambler's preferences). Once opting the Auto-Spins option, the gambler is capable of selecting the amount of spins he desires, such as 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250 or 500 auto-spins. The gambler is able to pre-select whether he wants the auto-spins to stop when all spins are complete, or when the winning amount exceeds or equals a certain credit-number such as 25, 500 or 2500 dollars. One way or another, the power is always in the gamblers' hands. Even when 500 auto-spins are selected, the gambler can stop them at any point, simply by pressing the Stop button that appears in the place of the original Spin button. For easy and quick auto-spins selection, the 5X and 10X buttons are also available at the left side of the bar, allowing the gambler to press each of them without manually dealing with the other spinning options. Here, once more, the gambler can choose to stop the spins at any given point.

General Information

Keeping its place as a great mobile casino game, Secret Admirer Mobile Slots includes additional thumb-rules worth remembering: first of all, all wins pay left to right including Scatter; second of all, gambling thrill can be easily added by adding betting ways: the gambler is able to select lines for betting either by the "select lines" button or simply pressing the preferred lines.

The joy of winning: once winnings are achieved during the game, the relevant symbols' lines are marked with clear colored lines so the gamblers can easily understand what went right and benefited them with more credits. No gambler misses any victory with those mobile slots casino bonuses.

Moreover, it is important to mention that although it’s a mobile slots casino bonuses game we're talking about, you can always enjoy the many benefits of Secret Admirer Mobile Slots on Your Tablet. Many slots casinos have a version of this mobile casino game for PC as well.

New Players' Options

Secret Admirer Mobile Slots prides itself on being a very user friendly mobile slots casino bonuses game, which allows seasoned players as well as new players feel 100% comfortable. Players who wish to understand better how the game works before putting down real money, are welcome to try out the Free Play version, in which all benefits are still included (Scatter, WILD, Free Spins and many more) while still not depositing real money. While playing the Flash version, $200.00 demo credits are available for the gambler to use. Once the gambler gets the concept and feels he is ready, the Real Play version is ready to use. Either by pressing a constant banner, a random invitation or simply closing and opening the playing window once more, the gambler can easily find the quick way to start playing for real and enjoy the full experience of the Secret Admirer Mobile Slots game.