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The Beginning of Slot Machine History

There are some discrepancies as to the dates for the invention of the slot machine. Some say that the first machine was invented by Pitt and Sittman in New York in 1891. Others attribute the first one to Charles Fey in San Francisco in 1887, while still others argue that Fey's machine was only invented in 1895.

What is certain is that the slot machine came into being in the late 1800's. Pitt and Sittman's machine only displayed poker hands, not slots games. and had no system of payouts. The owners of the machine would have to pay their own prizes to the winners.

Fey's machine, on the other hand, was the first real slot machine very similar to the ones we know today except that it was mechanical and not computer generated.

Fey designed his slot machine in the basement of his house. However he soon joined up with the Mills Novelty Company and, together, they created the Liberty Bell Slot. The Liberty Bell had a cast iron casing and a bell that rang whenever a player hit a winning combination. The machine had three reels and the symbols displayed were the jack, queen and king of a standard deck of cards along with horseshoes, stars and, of course, the bell. Their original machine can still be seen today in the Liberty Belle Saloon and Restaurant in Reno, Nevada, which is owned and operated by descendents of Fey's family.

Slot Machine History Made Lighter

The first slot machines, being made of cast iron, were terribly heavy. Each one weighed about 100 pounds which made it difficult to cart around and deliver. In 1915 the Mills Company redesigned the machines. They made them quieter and lighter by building wooden housings. The also introduced colorful cabinet designs with different themes. Their first theme was the Lion Head which was designed in 1931. Then came the War Eagle, the Roman Head and, in 1933, they designed the Castle Front. The themes were created to make the machines more attractive and to tempt players to play the slots games.

Real Slot Machine History Was Made

Real slot machine history was made when Bugsy Siegal, owner of the Flamingo Hilton Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, added slots to his casino. His idea was to create some kind of entertainment to keep the wives and girl friends of his high roller table gamblers busy while he concentrated on raking in profits from the table games.

However, the slot machines and slots games began to attract other players and soon the intake from the slots matched that of the table games. Slot machine history was made, and slots were "in"!

Slot Machines Today

Slots today are no longer mechanical machines with a lever or handle to be pulled manually. Although many machines still retain the handle, just for fun, slots spins are now operated by pressing a "spin" button.

The machines are electronically computer operated with random number generators so that there is no way to predict any specific outcome and no strategy can be concocted to plan wins. It is all a matter of luck but a lot of fun to play.

Essentially there are three types of slots: reel slots, progressive jackpot slots and video slots. Each type is played a bit differently and the really big hit slots games are found in the video slots. The advancement in computer technology in the last ten years has provided casino software companies with the opportunities to create exciting theme based slots with exotic graphics and real life sound effects. These are especially prevalent in online slots.

Online Slot Machine History

When online gambling appeared on the internet in the mid nineties, slots games were the first to be posted. They became an immediate hit creating real time online slot machine history.

Today there are hundreds of online slots games with multiple reels, multiple pay lines, bonus screens, pop-ups, wild symbols and more. They have terrific, exotic graphics, real life sound effects and crazy Disney-like themes. They are most likely the most popular online casino games available.