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The Beginnings of Slot Machines

Slot machines were invented in the late 1800's but they didn't become popular as a gambling machine until they were installed in the Las Vegas Flamingo Hilton casino by the owner, Bugsy Siegal. The slot machines were to act as entertainment for his high-roller gamblers' wives and girl friends while the high-rollers played at poker and blackjack at Siegal's casino tables. Eventually, casino gamblers began to take an interest in these strange mechanical "one armed bandits" and they became a hit casino entertainment.

Of course, when slot machines went online, their popularity knew no boundaries or borders. Online slots were one of the first casino games to go onto the internet in the mid 1990's when online casinos were introduced.

Slots also have different names in different countries. In Britain, slot machines are more commonly known as fruit machines or AWP's. Down Under, in Australia, no-one will know what you are talking about if you ask where the slots machines are! There slots are known as pokies and the online slots are called online aussie pokies. So, now you know how to find you favourite type of casino game in whatever country or culture, read on to understand how to play the different casino slots.

The Basics of Slot Machines

There are different types of slot machines and, before beginning your career of slots games, it is important to learn about the differences. By the way, all of the various types of slot machines found in land casinos are also found in online slots games.

Three Reel Slot Machines

Three reel slot machines, whether on land or online, are undoubtedly the easiest of all the slots games and the closest to the old mechanical slot machines of the 19th century. The winning options are displayed clearly on the screen together with the pay outs for each kind of winning line. The player only needs to get three of one of the symbols in a row to make a win. Some of the symbols win more pay outs than others, but basically the player decides how many coins (between one and three) he will play and then spins the reels.

There are no hidden screens and no interaction in the three reel slot machines.

Five Reel Slot Machines

Five reel slot machines and online slots are played on the same principle as the three reelers except that they have the additional two reels. There are also additional pay lines which can be on the diagonal, crisscross, two up and two down, etc. All of these options are clearly presented on an information panel on the slot machines themselves so the player knows just what he is doing. On both the 3-reelers and the 5-reelers the player must place a maximum bet before he spins in order to cover all the possible pay outs.

You might be surprised to know that Canadians are the world's biggest consumers of online slots games. The online slots Canada website helps you find the best slots casinos in Canada. British Columbian players should check out the BC online casino site too.

Video Slot Machines

Video slot machines and video online slots are the most complicated of all slots games. This is because they have hidden screens and require the player's interaction to access them. The hidden screens contain bonuses which can be free spins or winning multipliers. The video slot machines also have entertaining additions such as scatter symbols and gamble features. All of these features can enhance the player's winnings significantly, but they require a lot of concentration and quick thinking.

In addition, the video slot machines usually have multiple pay lines. This means that the player must place maximum bets to cover all possibilities and this can sometimes be costly.

Progressive Jackpot Slot Machines

Progressive jackpot slot machines are played the same way as video slots with all the bonus features, scatter symbols, wild cards and gamble features. However, the progressive jackpot slot machines are linked in a network. This means that every time a player plays one of the progressive machines, a percentage of his money is added to the jackpot. If a player gets a full winning line, he wins the progressive jackpot which can sometimes be a huge amount of money. It is every slots player's dream, no matter if he plays in a land casino or if he plays online slots, to win the progressive jackpot! It can be a life-changing occurrence.

Microgaming Online Slots

The greatest, brightest and most exciting online slots creations have been developed by the Microgaming Software Company. Microgaming has been the leader in online casino software ever since casinos appeared on the internet.

Microgaming offers the greatest variety and variations of slot machines and online slots games which can be found at their many Microgaming powered online casinos.

Slot machines and online slots are games of chance dependent on computer randomly generated numbers and symbols so there is no strategy to winning at slots games. However, they have been created and invented as entertainment, so go ahead and enjoy!