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Microgaming Slots Tournaments

Microgaming slots tournaments are the leading tournaments when it comes to online slot machines. Not only do they offer the most variety but also have the best prizes.

Leading online Slots Microgaming Slots Tournaments

Microgaming in itself is the leading software provider today for online casinos so it is only natural that they also become the leader in online slots and slots tournaments. The Microgaming slots tournaments run regularly and details can be found at a leading Microgaming slots casino. Basically there are two types of tournaments, the sit and go and the scheduled tournaments. Both offer the same exciting thrills and chances to win but the scheduled tournaments tend to have a larger prize pool because the of the larger number of participants.

Popular Online Slots at Sit and Go Microgaming Slots Tournaments

Sit and Go tournaments are exactly as they sound and are one of the most popular types of the microgaming slots tournaments. Basically at any time you can join a sit and go tournaments online. The most popular online slots are used for the sit and go which are mainly Thunderstruck and Tomb Raider but others are often added. A sit and go tournament because of its nature does not have more than 5 players, each player can buy in to the tournament at a value ranging from $2 to $50 and he has an allotted time, usually 10 minutes to see how well he can do. At the end of the 10 minute time span, the player with the most coins is the winner and he receives the money left after 10% has been deducted for the casino. This is an easy and fun way to make some nice sums of money in very little time.

Microgaming Slots Tournaments Online Slots Scheduled Tournaments

The scheduled microgaming slots tournaments are more complex, not only do they occur at set times but they also involve larger entry fees which in turn give out larger prizes. Generally there is a mid week tournament which runs from Monday to Wednesday and there is a weekend tournament. The stakes for the weekend tournaments are generally higher as more players join in with the online slots. The online slots games tend to be the same as the sit and go tournaments but since the buy ins are higher and the stakes are higher, the tournaments run for longer also. Sometimes there are even grand slam tournaments where there is as much as $500000 in prize money. Grand Slams often take place over a number of days, usually a holiday.

Practice, Fun and Money a t Microgaming Slots Tournaments for Online Slots

Microgaming slots tournaments are great to play whichever type you choose. The sit and go are cheap, quick and easy to play and give you some great chances to win as well as gaining practice. The online slots tournaments which are scheduled are also fun and a great way to practice but they also give you much higher stakes and the chance to re buy into the tournament up to at least 4 times which brings the stakes even higher. For a novice player, microgaming slots tournaments are like a gift from heaven, you get to play the online slots games for very little investment and also have the chance to win some handsome amounts of money.