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Summer Holiday Mobile Slots – Pick a Prize or Triple Your Free Winnings!

Did you ever come to think you will have the opportunity to reveal a mystery prize when you play slots on mobile? What about watching your credits won for FREE get tripled in front of your eyes? How about playing via your mobile device, from everywhere in the world (including the fanciest restaurant or most boring library) and enjoying the fantastic atmosphere of the beach? Surely, now you can have it all, and you can have it all at once! Mobile slots casinos are proud to present you with Summer Holiday Mobile Slots, the game that will let you enjoy all the most amazing benefits you ever wished for! From now on, winning 2,250,000 credits during a regular gaming mode is no longer a dream! Being rewarded with 750,000 credits while you are playing for FREE is totally achievable and enjoying both the benefits you love most, and those you are yet to discover, at one single game is easier than ever before! So prepare yourself to one of the most exciting experiences you have ever had, since this slots game for mobile is about to show you a whole new world!

Can I Enjoy the Known and Unknown Rewards at the Same Time?

Over here you surely can! Please welcome, with a lot of excitement, the SCATTER symbol! Scatter is known for being one of the most favoured symbols among all gamblers worldwide, and yet you will quickly discover that after this symbol does its magic, a totally new experience will start in your game! So, let's learn together EVERYTHING there is to know about this magnificent symbol!


Want to play for free? Want to win for real? These two wishes no longer contradict each other! Once you start playing for real, you can expect the Scatter symbol (once appearing three, four and even five times on your reels) to let you start the FREE SPINS MODE where you will be required to deposit completely nothing. Once this mode starts, the reels spin 15, 20 or 25 times and although you will not be betting even one single coin, the credits will definitely be yours. 15 free spins will be yours once you win five Scatter symbols and 20 such spins will be yours upon winning four Scatter symbols. Once all five of your reels show you Scatters in one single spin… you can be sure 25 free spins will begin immediately…

Another thing you will probably like to know is that even before the free spins start, you can win a few credits! As a matter of fact, this game will let you enjoy both the additional credits and FREE SPINS… one by the other! Three Scatter symbols, appearing on your payline will let you enjoy 3 additional credits and 15 free spins. Once you win four Scatter symbols you can be sure 10 credits will be yours, accompanied by the 20 free spins bonus. Won all five Scatters in one spin? Congratulations! 200 credits are yours as well as 25 free spins in which you can expect to win a lot of additional credits in no time!

Now the Unexpected Benefits are Getting Started

The FREE SPINS may be over but the true treatments are yet to begin… Once you played all of your 15, 20 or 25 spins, it is time to choose! Do you want to triple the amount of credits you just won? (Very few people would refuse this offer…). If so, a button of 3X multiplier will be available for you and all you have to do is press it! On the other hand, are you by any chance interested in picking up a mystery prize? And what if you are not interested in being surprised, yet you think you can win a bit more than what you just did (for free?) In this case, a Replay Your Free Spin Feature Once More button will be right there to serve you!

That’s right! You can choose to spin the reels once more, free of charge, and to win a lot of credits! Keep in mind that once you choose to spin your reels again or to pick up a mysterious fancy and thrilling prize you are actually giving away the amount of credits you just won. Therefore, if you are deeply satisfied with your winning, you will probably be interested in tripling it and winning 3X of what you already have!

This Summer IS Definitely a Holiday!

This summer is not any regular holiday, but it is a very special one! With the Summer Holiday symbol, also known as Wild, your game will be much more exciting and rewarding than it ever was before! From this moment on you should never feel the dissatisfaction attributed to winning two symbols of the same kind and understanding no payout will be yours this time. This game will let you enjoy the Joker which can take the place of any other symbol and generate multiple amazing winnings for you! Once you have two symbols of the same kind on the reels, and a Wild symbol is on the next reel, a three of a kind will definitely be accounted to your favour as well as its equivalent payout.

In case three of a kind already exists on your reels and you find out a Wild symbol appeared on the next reel, you can quickly understand you are fortunate enough to win a four of a kind with its relevant payout just as well! Want to be benefited with a five of a kind? Surely you can do so as well! Four of a kind + Wild will quickly serve this purpose for you! Now it is only time to learn about the payouts Wild can benefit you with on its own! Three Wilds are worth 20 credits, four Wilds will reward you with 100 credits and in case you win five Wilds in one spin… get ready to enjoy no less than 750 credits immediately!!!