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Play The Grand Journey Today

Get in your time machine and travel back to the prehistoric age where dinosaurs roamed the earth and saber-tooth tigers prowled for prey. That's the setting for the exciting new 5-reel slots game, The Grand Journey, that has recently been added to the slots casino. The Grand Journey, one of the new slot machines from Microgaming, the industry leader in online casino games, featuring all of the quality you expect from a Microgaming creation. Besides dazzling animation on par with the high expectations Microgaming has set for it fans, the game offers 30 pay lines, stacked wilds, and an expanded wild on one of the reels, scatter symbols, and free spins. Put together, it has everything you want from your favorite slot machines and maybe even more. If you like playing slot machines, you won't want to miss out on The Grand Journey.

New Addition to the Slots Casino

When it comes to innovation, it is hard to beat the new developments taking place in the slots casino. Month after month, new slot machines appear that expand ideas that had been introduced a short time ago, and The Grand Journey is no exception. It features one of the most innovative uses of the wild symbol in the slots casino and one of the most fun for players, known as the expanded wild. When a time machine symbol appears on the third reel, the symbol expands to take up the entire reel, completing all of the pay lines that would be completed with a regular wild. The Grand Journey logo is the other wild symbol, which is stacked on all the reels and doubles the payout when it completes a pay line.

Slot Machines that Keep the Action Coming

The Grand Journey is one of the slot machines that was designed with the player in mind. And what does the player want more than anything else in a slot machine? They want frequent payouts and bonus opportunities, of course. So with 30 pay lines, the winning opportunities can come often if luck is with you. As far as bonus opportunities, those begin with the appearance of the scatter symbol, which is a the earth symbol. Hit three scatters on the board at one time and you get 15 free spins. And every time one of the spins fails to hit a pay line, the multiplier goes up one, up to a limit of 10x multiplier. There are no other slot machines that offer that feature in the entire slots casino.