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Struck by Thunderstruck

While there have been imitations, sequels, and slot machines with similar themes, the original Thunderstruck is still drawing loads of players to the online slots casino websites all over the world. The fast slots, special features, and unique theme based on the old Viking tales has proven to be an irresistible combination for those who enjoy playing modern slot machines. So despite dozens of new slot machines released every month, Thunderstruck remains an all time favorite.

The Thunderstruck Theme

While some slot machines have the traditional fruit bunch themes and others go for sporting motifs, Thunderstruck really set a new standard by making the old legends come alive. Whether it is Thor's Hammer or Odin's fist, on every spin of the reels there is excitement waiting for you. Every time identical images land on a pay line you can win a Viking fortune. With scatter symbols spinning on all the reels, you are only steps from a free spins round every time you play.

Thor Brings Thunderstruck Riches

One of the best images to see on the nine Thunderstruck pay lines is that of Thor. That is because Thor is a wild, multiplier symbol. You can use it to substitute for any other symbol to complete winning combinations, except the scatter symbol. What is also great is that when you win by using Thor, he doubles your payout.

Thunderstruck Scatter Symbol

Another great symbol in Thunderstruck slots casino game is that of the Rams. The Ram is a scatter symbol, a common feature in modern slot machines. When the slot machines you are playing in the slots casino show scatter symbols, it usually means that you get a chance to play with the slots casino own money by using free spins. Thunderstruck is no exception. You can win big with these symbols.

Use the Viking Heroes

So in Thunderstruck you have all the Viking deities ready to help you win big. Thor, Odin, Loki and many others will now serve you in your quest for riches and excitement as you spin the reels of the Thunderstruck online slot machines.