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Tunzamunni: Back to Basics

Are you getting tired of all these crazy online slots games with their crazy themes? When you think about it, does anyone need a progressive slots game that has pictures of lizards or hot air balloons all around it? Well, if you want to play the simple, classic online progressive slots game that has a big jackpot, check out Tunzamunni. The only thing complicated is the name.

The Tunzamunni Symbols

Let's start with the Tunzamunni symbols. There are no elephants and no battle tanks, no knights or dragons filling the screen in Tunzamunni. No, in this progressive slots game, you have one, two, or thee bar symbols. You also have the lucky number seven which comes in red, white, or blue. Finally, there is a space. The space is just a blank space. Like I said, nothing fancy. The only fancy thing is the jackpot!

A Progressive Slots Game on a Diet

Don't worry about keeping track of nine, fifteen, or more slots in Tunzamunni. In this game, there are just three slots. Spin the reels and see what ends up on the single payline. If it is three of the same symbol, then you are a winner. You can win just a few coins or you can win millions depending on how much you wager and how large the progressive jackpot is when you win.

Why Progressive Slots Get So Big

The reason that progressive slots, especially on the Internet, can lead to such huge jackpots is that anytime anyone in the world plays, they are increasing the size of the pot. Now some games have catchy themes that are very popular in one country but not in another. A Nascar themed slot game could be really big in America, but not so popular in Asia. That is why Tunzamunni is so big. With its simple, classic look, people from all sorts of diverse lands and cultures are playing. After all, a lucky seven is a lucky seven in any language.

How to Win the Progressive Slots Jackpot of Tunzamunni

The way to win the big money on Tunzamunni (the "tons of money") is by getting three sevens to line up on the single payline. However, they have to be lined up in a certain order. While you will still be winner when they line up in any order, the progressive jackpot can only be won when they are showing the red seven, white seven, and blue seven from left to right. It is rare, but that's why the jackpot gets so huge and when someone wins, they really win. That's why this is a really a game worth playing.