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Welcome to the World of Video Slots

Video slots developed from the standard reel slots and the UK fruit machines. Creators of slots games, and in particular online casino slots games, realized that they had to do something to make slot machines more interesting and more exciting. Of course, this all had to do with the advancement in computer technology which allowed them to create superior graphics, innovate extra bonus screens and symbols, and create real life audio sounds.

A video slots game is like a computer game. If you play at video slots in a land based casino, you will feel as though you are sitting at a computer rather than at a slot machine. And, if you are playing video slots online, then you are actually playing on a computer.

With greatly enhanced software, video slots are superior in their quality of sound and graphics to the standard reel slots. They also boast many more reels and pay lines. Some of them even have up to forty pay lines. Before playing any of the online casino slots that are designated as video slots, it is important to read and understand all of the directions and explanations. Many of the payouts depend on which pay line you are betting, so it is good to know all the rules.

The jackpots on any video slots game require you to bet the maximum number of coins for that game. If you are playing a game with forty pay lines and the minimum coin value is $0.25, the maximum number of coins will cost you $50. This can turn out to be very costly. However, there are many games with a minimum coin value of $0.01 which is far more practical for the average slots player.

The Special Features of Video Slots

We have already noted that video slots have enhanced graphics and sound, but each game also has its own theme. Especially in the online casino slots, the video slots have exotic, humorous, adventurous, sport based and Disney-like themes which make the games so much fun and so exciting. Microgaming Software Company, the leader in online casino software, specializes in creating enchanting and far-fetched themes for their video slots games.

Some of Microgaming's latest and most glamorous video slots are:

  • The Great Galaxy Grab
  • Mayan Princess
  • Centre Court
  • Flight Zone
  • Monster Meteors
  • Lucky Eggsplorer
  • Mega Moolah Summertime

  • All of these video online casino slots offer features such as: wild symbols, scatter symbols, bonus symbols, free spins, multipliers and gamble features. These features ensure that your spins with video slots will be exciting and fantastic adventures.

    Tips for Playing Video Slots Of course these video slots, as all online casino slots, use computerized random number generators so there is no way you can predict what will happen, and you cannot trick them into landing you a winning combination. But a lot of slots players suggest the following tips: If you don't hit a payback in 8 spins, change games If you don't get a bonus round in 25 spins, change games If you haven't made any significant wins, change your coin size Always play all the available lines Maybe these tips can be helpful to you the next time you decide to play video slots.